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When you need a drug to sooth and bring down someone with ADHD, there are a plethora of powders, pills and potions out there. The most commonly prescribed drug is Ritalin, however, different drugs work differently on different people, and no 2 cases of any emotional, behavioural or mental condition (EBMc), are the same, and as such, if your child is either becoming resistant to, or the medication just isn’t having the desired effect, seriously consider Adderall. Now, don’t be alarmed at the ingredients! The powerful combination of amphetamine and dextroamphetamine have a very peculiar effect on people living with ADHD. For you see, unlike the 90’s club scene where revellers were taking it for the buzz and a high, in people with ADHD it has the complete opposite effect. Adderall brings the person down a couple of notches, however, it doesn’t turn them into a kind of zombie, which in a lot of cases, could make this little pill a lifeline for many parents.

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Treating ADHD with Adderall

Having a child with ADHD calls for patience and understanding of the condition, for ADHD can be a condition that affects children in many different ways and there is a lot of confusion and misunderstanding surrounding this condition.

The full medical name of ADHD is Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and tests have proven that Adderall can be used to treat and successfully control both narcolepsy and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.

It is of course very important to understand the name of any medication or drugs you give your child or in fact any adult, and as such if you are asking yourself just what is Adderall and what is in it, then it is simply a combination of both Amphetamine and Dextroamphetamine Salts.

The reason why both Amphetamine and Dextroamphetamine can be successfully used to treat the effects of ADHD is that these are both stimulants that can affect the central nervous system stimulants which ultimately affect the chemicals in both the brain and nerves of anyone taking it and can have a successful affect on the main attribute of ADHD, that being hyperactivity.

Adderall and Other Drug Interactions

Please be aware that as with any drugs and medicines there are certain conditions that may be affected by it and you should not be take Adderall is you have or anyone considering taking it has Glaucoma, or any form of severe anxiety or agitation.

Should your family have a history of muscles twitches which are commonly referred to as Tics or Tourette’s syndrome then you should not consider taking the drug Adderall.

Should anyone be suitable to take Adderall then if that person has being using, within the last couple of week a MAO Inhibitor then they are advised not to take Adderall, there are of course many different types of MAO Inhibitors so do consider using Adderall if you or the person considering taking Adderall has been taking one of the many different types of MAO Inhibitors such as Isocarboxazid, Selegiline, Linezolid, Phenelzine, Rasagiline and Tranylcypromine.

As Adderall is a form of Stimulant then it is important for you to be aware that some people have died when taking Stimulants when they suffered from severe heart conditions or had a congenital heart, and as such you should consult medical advice before taking Adderall if the person going to be taking it has any problems what so ever including heart disease or any conditions that affects the rhythm of the heart itself.
Adderall and Addiction

It is important to be aware that both Dextroamphetamine and Amphetamine can be quite addictive drugs to take and as such it is very important that anyone taking Adderall never shares their medication with anyone else.

As with all drugs and medication you should keep them out of the way of children and store them in a safe and dry place. Due to the risks involved with taking Adderall then please follow the information listed on the packaging.

Adderall and Pregnancy

Adderall and PregnancyCurrently there is some information regarding whether Adderall can harm an unborn baby. However Adderall may cause a series of problems such as a premature birth or a baby could be born with a low birth weight or withdrawal type symbols should a mother of an unborn baby has been taking it before the birth of that child.

So please, and this is very important, tell your doctor if you know you are pregnant, may be pregnant or are in fact planning on getting pregnant at any time, so as that doctor can give you the required information and advice on using Adderall.

As the ingredients of Adderall can be passed on to a baby via breast milk then there is a risk that it could possible harm a baby being breast fed, and as such you are strongly advised that you should not use Adderall when you are breast feeding a baby or child.

Once again if you need any form of medical advice about breast feeding a child and using Adderall then it is important that you consult your doctor.

It should also be noted that as using Adderall over a long period of time may affect a child growth then if your child is taking Adderall and you have noticed he or she is not gaining weight as he or she should be doing or does not appear to be growing as a child should naturally do then consult your doctor immediately.

Taking Adderall

It will be down to your child’s doctor in regards to the dosage of Adderall prescribes, and as such when a child has been prescribed Adderall then you should follow the instructions given to you by that doctor exactly.

The correct dosage will of course also be found printed onto the label of the box or bottle and be aware that over a period of time after monitoring and checking your child’s progress whilst taking Adderall the doctor may alter the dosage prescribed and as such it is important that you attend any follow up appointments.

You need to give the child the dosage prescribed at the right time each day and when giving them Adderall they should never chew them, break them up and make sure that the child swallows the tablets whole.

You doctor will probably already be fully aware of any other medication that your child is one however always ensure the doctor is fully aware if the child is taking any other medication, and also should the child be taking part in any medical tests then this should always be mentioned to the child’s doctor.

As with all medication Adderall should be kept is a safe place out of the reach of children, and it should also be stored a room temperature, and must not be left close to any source of heat or light and always away from any type of moisture.

Missing a Dose of Adderall

If at any time the prescribed patient misses a does then it is advised that the missed dose is taken as soon as is possible. Should the patient be almost due their next does of Adderall then do not take the missed dose and take the prescribed dose instead, never take two lots of Adderall to make up for a missed dose.

Should you require any additional information regarding a missed dose of Adderall then please consult your doctor who will be able to advice you further.

Adderall Overdose

It is vitally important in the event of an overdose of Adderall that you seek urgent and emergency medical advice and treatment and as such you are advice dint he event of an overdose of Adderall you get emergency help and medical advice immediately.

Overdosing on the ingredients that make up Adderall can be fatal so should there be an overdose then as advices contact and seek medical advice instantly.

General Adderall Advice

There are a few things that anyone taking Adderall should avoid doing or be fully aware of and as Adderall may have an effect on your reactions or thinking then it is important that anyone taking Adderall do not drive or operate machinery as Adderall may affect there thinking time and alertness.

Adderall may cause insomnia and as such it is best not to be prescribed it late at night. Also it is best that anyone taking Adderall refrains from drinking anything containing high amounts of Vitamin C such as fruit drinks as the Vitamin C contained in such drinks may result in the prescribed patients body absorbing less of Adderall’s activate ingredients that being both Amphetamine and Dextroamphetamine.

Side effects of Adderall

Adderall Online ADHD Side EffectsAs with any type of medication if anyone who has taken Adderall get any sign of an allergic reaction after taking it then you need to consult emergency medical advice immediately signs of an allergic reaction will of course vary but can include a swelling of the tongue, hives, and any other swelling of the lips, face or throat.

Anyone taking Adderall who notices any of the following should immediately stop taking it and also consult a doctor:

Any kind of changes to heart rhythm including a pounding or fat heart beat or an even hart beat. Should anyone taking Adderall notice when they are passing water (urinating) that the urine burns they should also seek a doctor’s advice.

Should a person who has taken Adderall suddenly experience overpowering feelings or sadness or happiness or starts to talk erratically or quickly then also seek medical advice immediately and stop taking Adderall until that medical advice has been sought.

Any signs of numbness or weird or strange skins sensations also require the person taking Adderall to stop taking it and seek the advice of a doctor.

Also any changes to the colour of a person’s skin or wounds appearing on the skin or hot or cold skin sensations will also require you to seek a doctor’s advice.

Any form of hallucinations, strange behaviour, tics or muscle twitches or an increase in blood pressure or any buzzing of the ear, blurred vision of anxiety, chest pain should also call for a doctor’s advice.

Common Side Effects of Adderall

Below is just a small collection of common side effects of taking Adderall, please be aware that this list is in no way exhaustive and as such anyone taking Adderall may experience several side effects that may not b listed here.

As is always the case should you or anyone taking Adderall find that they are suffering from any kind of side effects then it is best to consult the advice of a doctor which will be able to check everything is ok or make any required changes to the dosage prescribed.

Nausea or any form of loss of appetite and stomach pain can also be a common side effect if taking Adderall, if you are concerned about anyone taking Adderall with any of these side effects then do consult a doctor’s advice.

Another very common side effect of taking Adderall is a dry mouth. Plus insomnia is also another very common side effect of taking Adderall and as such it is best that you are not prescribed it around the later times of the day so as not to have a negative effect on your sleeping patterns.

When taking Adderall several other very common side effects include a patient suffering from increases anxiety, agitation, mood changes or a feeling of nervousness, once again please consult medical advice is you are in any way, shape or form concerned about such side effects.

Three other very common side effects of taking Adderall include headache, weakness, dizziness, and as such it is best advices you do not drive or operate any kind of machinery when taking Adderall, however as always please consult your doctor if you have any concerns what so ever.

Other Drugs that may Affect Adderall

If anyone is taking Adderall then it is important that they should consult their doctor before taking other drugs as those drugs may have an effect on Adderall, and as such if the patient taking Adderall is thinking of using any form of Antacid or stomach acid reducers which could be but not limited to any of the following: Prilosec, Protonix, Tagamet, Zantac then do seek medical advice for several of these types of drugs can affect the way that the body absorb the main ingredients of Adderall.

There are also a range of additional drugs and medicines that can affect Adderall and as such it is always very important to contact medical advice before taking any other drug or medicine when taking Adderall, and always seek out that advice before taking anything else with Adderall.