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Associated Disorders of ADHD and ADD

A recent study of people suffering from ADHD and ADD has found that in about two thirds of the cases studied these sufferers will also display signs of an associated disorder. With that in mind we are new going to take a look at some of those associated disorders.

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Learning Difficulties – Another often very easily diagnosed associated disorder using in child suffering from ADHD is learning difficulties. However those learning difficulties can be treated quite successfully with the right medication.

Tourette’s syndrome – Another condition that is regularly being associated with ADD is Tourette’s syndrome and that condition can be a hugely distressing one for the sufferer and their friends and family.

Oppositional Defiant Disorder – This disorder can often cause a person to act quite out of character when they are out and about in public, the list of problems this disorder can cause is often quite large and could include verbally abusing total strangers or even stealing from retail outlets.

Disorders of ADHD and ADD

Sensory Overstimulation – It has been found that just less that 50% of people suffering from ADD will also suffer from sensory overstimulation and that is often why a child suffering from such a condition becomes hyper active.

Anxiety Disorders – They are quite a number of different types of Anxiety Disorders which are often associated directly with ADD, this is much more prevalent with an adult suffering from this condition than a child. One of the main anxiety disorders that are diagnosed to people suffering from ADD is OCD or Obsessive Compulsive Disorder as it is more commonly known.

Substance Use Disorders – An adult who is suffering from ADD is quite likely to start engaging in all manner of different substance abuse. This does need completely eradicating from a person’s life as drug abuse with ADD will lead to that person having a huge number of different problems as they try and make it through their day to day life.

Restless Legs Syndrome – Many people who are suffering from ADHD or ADD will also suffer from the condition known as Restless Legs Syndrome, however this has been found to be down to an iron deficiency, but a correct diagnosis of the underlying reason for this condition does need to be carried out.

Sleep Disorders – One final associated disorder is a suffer suffering from a sleep disorder, having a restless night can cause even more problems for someone suffering from ADD or ADHD as their high energy level will sap their strength and attention span during the day time, and once again this is something you will need to discuss with your doctor if you or any one you know is also displaying these symptoms.