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It was recently reported in the media that the number of cases of ADHD has rapidly inclined over the last decade or so, and the reason for this sharp increase of known cases, is simply because of a better understanding of the condition and how it can be successfully treated.

Now, unlike the 90’s when every kid had an inhaler because doctors were Asthma crazy, the way ADHD is diagnosed and treated is hugely in depth, and ADHD has several variants, and then infinite possible traits from person to person.

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Similar to Asperger Syndrome, Tourettes or even Dyslexia. For example, 2 brothers with ADHD, one could struggle to sit down and read, but love writing, while the other brother struggles to sit down and write, but loves to read.

Adderall is a relatively new method of treatment for ADHD, however, clinical and scientific studies have shown some very positive results. Now before you gasp at what the active ingredients are, be aware that the reason these active ingredients work, is because it alters the chemical levels in the brain, helping to bring your youngster down without ‘zombiefying’ them, which is any parents concern. If you have tried Ritalin, and to no avail, then Adderall may just be the next medication to try. The active ingredients are amphetamine and dextroamphetamine, strong stimulants for the central nervous system. It isn’t known why it has this calming effect on people with ADHD, but it certainly does have the opposite effect as opposed to giving it to someone who doesn’t have ADHD (they’d be bouncing off the wall!). This strong medication is guaranteed to have fast acting results, and subtle changes can be found after the first few doses, and is available to buy here.

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Should you decide that Adderall is a more suitable medication for your (somewhat energetic) child, you can not only buy it directly from us, but you can also expect for it to be in your medicine cabinet within days of your order and payment being processed. No matter where you are in the UK, we will ship it to you.

A word of warning however, be aware that the nature of any Amphetamine makes it highly dangerous to mix with other drugs, so always speak to your doctor about weaning your child off any current medications and detoxing your child (or yourself if these are for you), before starting a new course of treatment.