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Is ADHD an Illness or Just Naughty Children?

Disorders of ADHD and ADDAs you will know it is Adderall that many doctors now prescribe to treat ADHD, however there has been something of a heated debate over the last few days in which people who do not know anything about the condition are simply proclaiming there is no such thing as ADHD and it is just children misbehaving.

This has of course seen many parents whose children have been diagnosed with ADHD taking to their keyboards and hitting back on social media at people who claim ADHD is not a real medical condition!

If you do have a child who is showing the symptoms of having ADHD or have been diagnosed and suffering from that condition then the last thing you will want is your parenting skills being challenged, for as a parent looking after such a child it can be a tiresome and never ending task looking after your child and making sure they come to no harm with the mischief they can get up to.

It is probably going to be the best policy that if you are a fan of social media you do not rise to the abuse and often lack of knowledge shown by other people on social media in regards to ADHD and a dignified silence can often silence anyone who is trolling you.

However, as a parent if you do suspect that you child does have ADHD then you should get the of pinion of your family doctor for he or she is best placed to give an accurate diagnosis and will then be able to prescribe medication more or less straight away.

With Adderall being a very fast acting drug and one that lasts for several hours after taking it you will soon see a marked improvement in your child behaviour if he or she has been diagnosed with ADHD.

Also be aware that there are now lots of support services being offered to parents who are at their wits end looking after one or more children who have ADHD, and those services are free to use and can also be anonymous too if you so desire.

However, by getting help and support as soon as you can you will find your life will return back to normal, or as normal as any family life can be, so do seek out that help if you need it!