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Record Number of Adults taking Adderall

Recent reports have suggested that the makeup of people suffering from attention deficit disorder is increasing across the world with more and more adults being diagnosed with the condition outnumbering the number of children freshly diagnosed with the conditions.

Whilst it is usual as a child when most people are diagnosed as having attention deficit disorder often with or without hyperactivity, as this is a condition with often persists into adulthood, it has come to light that more adults are taking drugs such as Adderall to help them manage the condition, much more than the number of children taking that or similar drugs.

Whilst the report is based on adults in the US it has been found that similarly large numbers of people if Europe and all Scandinavian countries are using Adderall, which is one of many stimulants that can greatly improves ones focus and more importantly greatly improve the attention span of users.

As you will find when taking any drugs, there are some potential side effects of taking Adderall, however they can be quite rare and with the success rate of users taking Adderall continually rising as more and more people are taking it, then you may have an interest in using it if you have been recently diagnosed as having attention deficit disorder

Facts and Figures Surrounding Attention Deficit Disorder

The actual number of people currently taking drugs in the US such as Adderall is currently around the 63million mark, and it is 53% of those people who are adults, which means for the very first time there are now more adult users than children of such medication.

The last set of meaningful figures was released back in 2007 when it was found that only 39% of people taking medication for Attention Deficit Disorder were adults, so the figures do tend to speak for themselves with the number of adults now seeking a medical opinion on their disorder.

Adderall Online ADHD Side Effects

With children often being miss-diagnosed and as this condition has been found to be one which does progress through to adulthood, the medical profession are finally beginning to diagnose more and more people worldwide with Attention Deficit Disorder and are therefore prescribing drugs and medication for the condition.

The recognised symptoms of suffering from for Attention Deficit Disorder include restlessness, and a complete lack of focus and often very impulsive behaviour.

Overall the use of drugs to treat this condition have increased by a very large e 18% in the last year and sales of medication to treat it currently valued at $1.4billion. With the patent protection having been lost for some of the more mainstream drugs which can be used to treat Attention Deficit Disorder that does of course mean much cheaper alternative drugs such as Adderall are becoming much more readily available.

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