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Symptoms of having Attention Deficit Disorder

There are many symptoms of having Attention Deficit Disorder, and with the advent of low cost medications such as Adderall, all is not lost if you or a love one has recently been diagnosed with this condition.

Below we are going to take a look at some of the more commonly associated and recognised symbols of Attention Deficit Disorder all of which can often be managed very well with regularly due of Adderall.

Distraction – One very common symptom of having ADD or ADHD is that a person can be very easily distracted or can often forget things such as the more important finer details needed to perform some day to day tasks, or may even switch from the task at hand to another one.

Focus – Staying completely focussed to one single task is something that sufferers are not able to do as often as they would like and this will often find them losing interest very quickly in whatever task they have been set.

BoredBoredom is another recognised symptom of having an Attention Deficit Disorder, and whilst mane people often get bored this is much more prevalent in suffers of his recognised medical condition.


Completing Tasks – Learning new skills or staying focussed and being able to complete any tasks set for them is another thing that Attention Deficit Order suffers are going to find very hard to do, and once start they will quickly lose interest and not be able to complete their set task.

Losing Things – Having been set a task for example homework a child who is suffering from Attention Deficit Disorder will often lose the things that are required to complete the takes such as a reference book, pens to anything else they are going o need to complete that task.

Not Listening – Another very recognised symptom of Attention Deficit Disorder is that a person suffering from it will often not listen as they are being given instructions to do tasks or when it a normal conversation.

Daydreaming – Another very common symptom is daydreaming, having often lost complete interest in any job or task they have been set they will then drift off into a daydream type of state is often in a very short space of time and will daydream about doing other things they may enjoy doing.

Processing Information – It is the inability of processing information as easily as other people that will often be the main symptom of Attention Deficit Disorder and when given what others may feel is a straight forward set of instructions those instructions are simply not processed in the way they usually are by other people.

Talking Nonstop – Another symptom can be talking nonstop, often if a child is suffering from a condition such as ADHD they will not only talk and chatter nonstop often at the most inappropriate moments but they can run around and will get the urge to touch or start playing with everything in their sight which many people will deem to be disruptive behaviour from that child.